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New Sleep Making A Real Difference

When Kay Jennings first developed New Sleep, she had a very specific goal in mind: To develop a natural, non-habit forming dietary supplement that would help herself and others enjoy a better night’s sleep… Naturally.

We were thrilled when one of Kay’s very first customers came back to purchase her second bottle of New Sleep, because what she told us about her experience with New Sleep was exactly what Kay and her team at New Health were striving for. So, we asked her tell her story in her own words:

“I’ve tried all kinds of ‘remedies’ to help me sleep better. Frankly, prescription and over the counter sleep aids scare me. I don’t like that feeling of being drawn into a sleep that I know I’ll come out of feeling hung over, or with what I call “goofy head” (you know – confused, groggy, sluggish).

“I know that the reasons for my sleeplessness run the gamut from being post-menopausal to stressed-out. But I refuse to take pharmaceuticals that are potentially addictive and harmful to my body’s chemistry.

“New Sleep is everything I’d hoped it would be. I’ve been wearing a Fitbit while sleeping for almost a year now to monitor my “sleep efficiency” as I tried different sleep remedies.

“Since using New Sleep, my sleep efficiency has improved from 55-65% to a consistent 75-85%. As far as I'm concerned, that is true improvement! And because I wake up in the morning without that “goofy head” lethargic feeling, my energy is up and my ability to focus has improved. Amazing!”